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Who We Are

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative smartwatches that meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Our mission is to empower businesses by providing exceptional products and unparalleled support.

Why Partner with Us?

Become part of a global network of distributors, leveraging exclusive access to our innovative smartwatch collection. Each smartwatch from us undergoes rigorous testing, while maximize your margins with our wholesale prices.


Receive comprehensive marketing support, including materials and campaigns, to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Leverage our global brand identity and gain a competitive edge in your market.

Explore Our Unique Smartwatch Selection

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Outdoor Recreation Watch

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

ECG Health Watch

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Lady Smart Watch

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

4G Android Watch

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

GPS Smart Watch

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Kids Watch

What You Gain as a Global Distributor

Performance Incentives
Product and Pricing Benefits
Training and Development
Attractive Commission Structures
Marketing and Promotional Support
Sales and Customer Support
Logistics and Supply Chain Support
Market Development Support
Brand Reputation and Quality Assurance
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Join a Network of Successful Distributors

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Levi Chalsengki

Viet Nam

"The product quality and the company's dedication to its distributors have exceeded our expectations. Since we became a distributor, our sales have skyrocketed."

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Karara Shammari


"Partnering with this company has transformed our business. Their smartwatches are in high demand, and the support we received has been exceptional. We've grown from a small startup to a leading distributor in our region, all thanks to their innovative products and reliable service."

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Erfan Hoseini

United States

"Becoming a global agent for these smartwatches has opened up new markets for us. The range of products offered has allowed us to cater to diverse customer needs. The Elegant Timepiece Smartwatch has been a standout product, attracting a sophisticated clientele."

Global Distributor Wanted-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Dewaki Lamichhane


"The training and resources provided by the company have been instrumental in our success. The VALDUS Smartwatch has been particularly popular, and the support we've received in marketing and sales strategies has made a significant difference. We're proud to be associated with such a forward-thinking brand."

10 Benefits Details for Distributor

Competitive Margins

- High Commission Rates: VALDUS will offer above-average commission rates to ensure agents are motivated by substantial earnings.
- Tiered Commissions: A tiered structure will reward agents with higher commission rates as they achieve higher sales volumes, incentivizing consistent performance.

Comprehensive Training Programs

- Initial Training: New agents will undergo thorough training on product features, sales techniques, and market strategies.
- Ongoing Training: Regular webinars and workshops will keep agents updated on new products and market trends.

Sales Incentives

- Bonuses and Rewards: Agents will receive bonuses and rewards for achieving sales targets, motivating them to exceed expectations.
- Recognition Programs: Top-performing agents will be recognized through awards, trips, and other incentives, fostering a culture of excellence.

Strong Brand Image

- Brand Strength: VALDUS’s reputation for quality and innovation will be a key selling point for agents, helping them attract and retain customers.
- Product Guarantees: Offering warranties and satisfaction guarantees will boost agent and customer confidence in the brand.

Market Development Support

1) Market Research
- Insights and Data: VALDUS will provide agents with market research and insights to help them understand local customer preferences and trends.
2) Partnership Opportunities
- Local Partnerships: Facilitate partnerships with local businesses and influencers to enhance market penetration and brand visibility.
3) Customizable Solutions
- Tailored Solutions: Offer customizable marketing and product solutions to cater to the specific needs and preferences of different markets.

Marketing and Promotional Support

1) Professional Marketing Materials
- Comprehensive Kits: Agents will receive marketing kits, including brochures, product videos, banners, and online content tailored to different markets.
- Digital Marketing Support: VALDUS will provide ready-to-use digital marketing assets for social media, email campaigns, and websites.
2) Co-op Advertising Funds
- Financial Support: VALDUS will contribute to local advertising efforts, sharing costs for promotional activities to enhance brand visibility.
- Exclusive Campaigns: Special promotions and campaigns will be developed exclusively for agents to help them attract and retain customers.

Product and Pricing Benefits

1) Exclusive Access
- Early Access: Agents will have early access to new product launches and limited editions, allowing them to offer the latest innovations first.
- Sample Products: VALDUS will provide free or heavily discounted sample products for demonstrations and promotions.
2) Discounted Pricing
- Agent Discounts: Significant discounts on products will enable agents to offer competitive prices to customers while maintaining healthy margins.

Sales and Customer Support

1) Dedicated Account Managers
- Personalized Support: Each agent will be assigned a dedicated account manager to assist with orders, inquiries, and support, ensuring efficient and personalized service.
2) 24/7 Support
- Round-the-Clock Assistance: VALDUS will offer 24/7 support to help agents resolve issues promptly, enhancing their ability to serve customers effectively.

Logistics and Supply Chain Support

1) Efficient Supply Chain
- Reliable Supply Chain: VALDUS will ensure a reliable and fast supply chain to minimize delays and stockouts, supporting agents in meeting customer demands.
- Inventory Management: Agents will receive support in inventory management, including real-time tracking and automated restocking.
2) Flexible Payment Terms
- Payment Flexibility: VALDUS will offer flexible payment terms to help agents manage their cash flow effectively, reducing financial strain.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

- Eco-Friendly Products: VALDUS will prioritize the development and promotion of eco-friendly smartwatches, utilizing sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies.
- Recycling Programs: Implement recycling programs for used smartwatches and components, encouraging agents and customers to participate in environmental conservation efforts.
Ethical Business Practices
- Transparency: Ensure transparent business practices with clear communication about product sourcing, manufacturing processes, and labor conditions.
- Fair Trade: Commit to fair trade practices, ensuring that all stakeholders in the supply chain are treated ethically and fairly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a VALDUS smartwatch distributor?

You can apply by filling out the application form on our website or contacting our sales team directly.

What are the requirements to become a VALDUS smartwatch distributor?

The requirements include a valid business license, a commitment to minimum order quantities, and a distribution agreement.

What are the benefits of becoming a VALDUS smartwatch distributor?

Benefits include exclusive access to new products, competitive pricing, marketing support, and training resources, etc.

Do I need to have prior experience in selling smartwatches?

Prior experience is beneficial but not mandatory. We provide comprehensive training and support.

What is the minimum order quantity for distributors?

After you communicate with our team, we will discuss the first purchase quantity.

Are there any upfront costs or fees to become a distributor?

There are no upfront fees, but distributors are required to meet minimum order quantities and initial purchase requirements.

Will I receive marketing and sales support as a distributor?

Yes, we provide a range of marketing materials, sales training, and ongoing support to help you succeed.

How long does it take to receive orders after placing them?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 2-4 weeks, depending on the quantity.

What kind of training or resources are provided to new distributors?

New distributors receive access to training modules, sales strategies, product information, and marketing materials.


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