10% of the Annual Revenue
Invested in R&D

Valdus achieves tech leadership in the industry through continuous capital investment and by expanding its R&D talents.
We insist on independent R&D in all phases and provide customers with efficient solutions.
With a scientific R&D management process and the implementation of high international standards, Valdus successfully produces the most reliable products for global customers.

Products Planning
Products Testing
APP Development
Firmware Development
Algorithm Development
Hardware Development
Mechanism Design
Industry Design

Intelligent Hardware Solution

Product Design
ID design
Product function definition

SCM Software Development
Product function development
Hardware operation interface development
Intelligent algorithm development
SCM software output

Finished Product Assembly
Small batch trial production
Product inspectionGutentor Advanced Text

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PCB Design
Component selection and finalization
Board design drawing output

Product Structure Design
MD structure size definition
Board size standard

PCBA Production
Board Processing and Placement
Board Test
Non-performing rate control specification

Independent R&D Algorithms

Independent research and development of core algorithms based on acceleration sensors and ECG sensors.
A powerful algorithm team independently develops algorithms for step counting, heart rate, sleep, calories, distance, and swimming.
The accuracy of monitoring data is aligned with industry benchmark companies, leading the industry.
Valdus was one of the first wristband manufacturers in the industry to offer heart rate solutions.

Step Counting Algorithm

The precision of the step counting algorithm is greater than 95%

Heart Rate Algorithm

Valdus smartwatches have ultra-precise resting and dynamic heart rate tracking capabilities, with low power consumption.

Sleep monitoring Algorithm

The reliable sleep algorithm works with a high-precision sensor, allowing the watch to automatically recognize different sleep states (deep, light, awake, and REM) and record the start and end times of each sleep perio

Sports Algorithm

Valdus smartwatches use multiple sensors working together under an intelligent sports algorithm to recognize different workout scenarios and provide precise recording of each workout.

Product UI Design

Valdus firmly believes that innovation is the soul of enterprise development.
We have about 250+ R&D technical experts and engineers, mainly distributed in R&D and design departments

Minimalistic UI Design

The interfaces are beautiful and easy to understand with the minimalistic UI design.

Professional Firmware Team

Our team is capable of modifying and upgrading firmware according to specific requirements, as well as addressing and resolving any bugs or manufacturing issues that arise.

Reliable Function Development

More innovative functions developed by our R&D team to come.

Friendly Interaction

The intelligent and user-friendly design concepts ensure better user experience.

Design Flow

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Project Flow

Hardware and Software Solutions-Shenzhen Shengye Technology Co.,Ltd

Project Management Mechanism

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